Brick By Brick – Why we need a new building

Built in 1974, our current unit is now struggling to support the services our team strive to provide or an environment that is fit for purpose. Patients need to be taken through the hospital reception in order to get to the garden, which adversely affects their dignity and independence. There is limited security for dementia patients and shared bathroom facilities do not provide adequate privacy. The technology to support family contact and independent care is extremely limited. The building lacks a sense of comfort that our patients desire away from the hospital environment.

We are building a new palliative care unit that will provide our patients with a restful and homely environment in which to spend their precious remaining time. The new building, while not feeling like a hospital, will be designed to accommodate the needs of patients with life limiting illnesses.

We have asked our patients and their visitors what they think would make an ideal unit. With your help, we can provide them with all the elements that contribute towards a more personal and comfortable experience at our new Unit.