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Sam Tosun – Jurassic Coast Challenge

“I walked throughout the night and day without sleep”

I originally completed the Jurassic Coast continuous walk with Ultra Action challenge group in May 2021. Sadly the true core reason I even thought about signing up to this challenge both in May 2021 and on the 14th/ 15th May 2022 this year was losing my dad to advanced cancer, from being diagnosed to his passing was only 3 months.

There is so much I can talk about and just don’t know where to start. My dad was a local, Christchurch born and raised. His name is Keith Nobbs.

Dad had a wonderful father who he was very close to and an older brother and a very warm caring sister of whom he had a strong bond with. My dad’s world was his family, his wife and five children. Dad was a devoted granddad to ten grandchildren. Dad’s big passion in his life was his love of training dogs from Jack Russell’s, terriers to over the last years loving training and working with the cocker spaniel breed. Dad was a complete natural with dogs, he could train any dog and they just listened to him, this was one of his gifts in life.

Dad loved his grandchildren and they all loved him. This was the most difficult part of him being unwell, the thought and realisation that he wasn’t going to see them grow up. Dad was a loyal, sincere, devoted and completely honest person. I can say truly like so many others will feel that we will miss him everyday and life will never be the same.

I think people who know people that lose loved ones to cancer think that it will never happen to anyone in their family, but it really, sadly does happen and it can effect everyone and anyone from all walks of life.

Dad managed his illness the best way he could, he was incredibly strong, he had to manage pain at home which was incredibly challenging for him and the whole family. We made time as a family the best way we could and dad chose to be at home no matter what.

Dad spent a lot of time with his grandchildren and sadly passed away at home, he was comfortable and this was his wish. Dad was cared for so well by the district nurses and nurse and health care assistants from the Macmillan Unit at home. They were all wonderful people and really helped my dad through difficult times. Dad spent a short time at the Macmillan Unit and I know he was so very well cared for by the nurses.

I can now appreciate all of the great work all professional individuals do at the Macmillan Unit in our home town of Christchurch. This is the reason I did the 100km continuous walk of the Jurassic Coast to help raise vital funds to help Macmillan Caring Locally. the charity that in turn directly helps and supports the Macmillan Unit in Christchurch.



It was a really tough but beautiful challenge, for me I was delighted to make it over the 3 terror hills after Durdle Door and received many donations whilst walking. I was so happy a passer by walking saw a picture of my dad on my backpack and gave me £40 cash. These things are so kind and give you true incentive to push forwards. I started the walk on Saturday 14th May at 7.30pm and finished on Sunday 15th May a lot later than expected at 8.30pm as I was helping a fellow lovely lady, aged 73 years to get to the 58 km mark.

When you lose someone you love to cancer I think it really changes you as a person and for me has changed my whole perspective of really what is important. I am sure so many people feel the same, you tend not to get stressed over the little things and prioritise things in life better. Grief is a very difficult place to be and a long arduous journey to come through to a place of contentment about your loss and the whole family dealing with it. My dad  just wanted to live and outweigh the odds that he would beat his illness and nothing else at that point when he was unwell. I believe that life is a gift and we need to go through the ups and downs to really appreciate it and not take a day for granted.

List of pharmacies 

 Pharmacy name and address

Phone Number

100 hour pharmacy


Asda Pharmacy

St Pauls Road, Bournemouth,BH8 8DL

01202 298900


Bournemouth East

Castle Lane Pharmacy
482 Castle Lane West Bournemouth, BH8 9UD

01202 772110


Bournemouth West

Ferndown Pharmacy
487 Ringwood Road, Ferndown, BH22 9AG

01202 892666


East Dorset

Tesco Extra Pharmacy
Yarrow Road, Mannings Heath Poole, BH12 4NX

01202 457447 or 01202 367447



Asda Pharmacy
West Quay Road, Poole, BH15 1JQ

01202 207000


Poole Central

Equipment – Is useful for wheelchairs and other equipment

Guide for people nearing end stage of life :

Brief Drugs List for GPs



Morphine sulphate 2.5-5mg SC PRN (10mg in 1ml injection)

(alternative if taking PO or eGFR<30 – Oxycodone 1 – 2.5mg SC PRN (10mg in 1ml injection))

[Please take background opioid into account when prescribing doses for anticipatories]


Midazolam 2.5-5mg SC PRN (10mg in 2ml injection)


Glycopyrronium 200mcg SC PRN (600mcg in 3ml injection)

(alternative for secretions: Hyoscine Butylbromide 20mg/ml injection)

Nausea :

Levomepromazine 6.25mg SC PRN (25mg in 1ml injection)

(alternative for nausea: Haloperidol 1.5mg SC PRN (5mg in 1ml injection)

Water for injection

Dexamethasone 3.3mg SC OD-BD (equivalent to 4mg PO) if risk of steroid withdrawal/Addisons during terminal phase.

Day/Time Example Timetable
Monday - AM

9am MMU Ward Hand over; 9:30am Tour of MMU

10m Consultant Ward Round, MMU

Monday - PM

12pm Ward Nurses - syringe driver administration (treatment room)

1:30 Nursing Handover – MMU (ward office)

MMU – Admission Assessment(s) with ward doctor

Tuesday - AM

9am Ward Hand over

9:20am Referrals Meeting on MMU

10am Community visiting with Specialist Nurse

Tuesday - PM

12:30 Journal Club – MMU (doctors office)

2pm Introduction to Patient and Family Support Team

3pm Introduction to Welfare and benefits Advisor

Wednesday - AM

9am Ward Hand over

9:20am Referrals Meeting on MMU

10am Consultant ward round - MMU

Wednesday - PM

2pm Doctor/Nurse Home Visit with Specialty Doctor

Thursday - AM

9:15am Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting on MMU

Thursday - PM

2pm Introduction to Palliative Rehabilitation with Physiotherapist

3pm Introduction to Complex Discharge Planning in terminal illness

Friday - AM

Hospital Palliative Care Team Ward Visits

Friday - PM

2pm Introduction to Personalised Care Plan for the Last Days of Life with End of Life Care Nurse

4pm Debrief / sign off