“We will meet again…”

There are moments when we are reminded of the wonder of humanity and right now, seeing the way everyone at The Mac Unit is handling this incredible challenge, is a time we will always remember.

Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, our nurses, doctors and volunteers are showing incredible courage, kindness and selflessness and we could not be more proud of them all. To quote our Trust Secretary, we have “the greatest respect for our colleagues whose dedication and professionalism is always exemplary and whose skills, knowledge and compassion are needed now, more than ever before.”

As you may be aware, our staff and patients have now temporarily moved over to the Derwent Wing at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital in order to manage the increased need for high-quality palliative and end of life care. Macmillan Caring Locally will continue to fund and support the services provided by our inpatient and community teams and support everyone involved throughout this crisis. Please do join us in giving our colleagues an extra big clap on Thursday evenings as we thank our amazing NHS for their incredible work!

We are also very grateful to you – our amazing supporters – who are ever present through these difficult times. The cancellations of fundraising events and challenges means that our finances will be significantly impacted so all your donations to support our team through Coronavirus have been very gratefully received. We miss you all so much so please keep sending your funnies, messages and lockdown activity ideas, photos and videos on our social media channels – they do make us smile ? Maybe you have a great idea for a lockdown fundraiser too?!

We will do our best to keep you entertained and updated about all things MCL. There is, of course, very little to report about our Brick by Brick appeal or any other activities because our priority is obviously to focus on the challenges brought about with Coronavirus. However, do let us know if you have any fabulous fundraising ideas for the future and we will put them into action when we can. Until then, look after yourselves, stay home and stay safe!

We miss you all so much but as Her Majesty said, “we will meet again” and we are very much looking forward to that… street party anyone??

Anyone that wishes to make a donation can do so on our website at www.macmillanlocal.org/make-a-donation and if you haven’t already signed up to our newsletter, you can do so at www.macmillanlocal.org/subscribe. You can also read our appeal for support through the Coronavirus at www.macmillanlocal.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Covid-appeal-260320.pdf

photo credit: Debby Hudson