Getting There….

As we get closer to ticking off a third month of lockdown and distancing measures, many of us are adjusting to a very new normal.

If you have seen the “Return of The Mac” news article on our website, you will know that our heroes have returned from their stint at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital, back ‘home’ to the Mac Unit. They were greeted with celebrations, welcome messages and balloons and as you can see from the photo, they were all very happy to be back. However, due to the risks associated with Covid-19, there have been quite a few changes within the hospice. Staff are, of course, all wearing the appropriate PPE and adhering to the social distancing guidelines. We have also now split the wards in order to isolate patients with Coronavirus and the rest of the Unit is being utilised in quite different ways to keep everyone as safe as possible with regard to infection control. Unfortunately, due to this temporary reorganisation and government guidelines, we are currently unable to re-open our Day Centre. However, the team have been keeping in contact with patients who normally use the Day Centre with telephone calls and fun quizzes. Despite all of these changes and challenges, the Mac staff remain as hard working and upbeat as ever and we are keeping everything crossed that the Day Centre will open again soon and that our fabulous volunteers will be able to return to the Unit and continue with the wonderful work they do, supporting our staff and patients.

As ever, our lovely supporters have continued fundraising and sending us messages and a lot of you have also been taking part in our quiz nights. Sadly, our Barry has closed the door of his fancy dress wardrobe for now, but it was a very entertaining way to spend a Friday evening. Anyone think we should try to persuade Barry to do another? We’re in! Barry….?

Our Capital Appeal Director has been making the most of lockdown too. Lin and her sister Beej have both made the courageous decision to “Brave the Grey” for Macmillan Caring Locally. These two brave ladies cut each other’s hair while broadcasting on Facebook one sunny afternoon and after chopping off the colour, they are planning to dye their greys a striking shade of pink! Have a look at their JustGiving page to see how they’re getting on:

As we start to return to our new normal, we hope that you are all feeling positive and keeping well. We really have missed our volunteers, supporters and friends and do think of you all as we continue through these strange and confusing times. Please stay in touch, especially on our social media pages (@macmillanlocal), and let us know what you have been up to – hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to see you all again. Until next time, take care and keep on smiling ?

Anyone that wishes to make a donation can do so on our website at and if you haven’t already signed up to our newsletter, you can do so at You can also read our appeal for support through the Coronavirus at