Daffodils and Vaccines

What a joy it is to see those first few daffodils pushing through the frosty ground in an attempt to declare that spring is coming. We may well have put on a few more jumpers recently and perhaps we’re even feeling that lockdown has its upside when it’s minus five degrees outside but there are definitely seeds of hope for the coming weeks.

The rollout of the first Covid-19 vaccines appears to be going well, taking us one step closer to getting some normality back in our lives. Most of our team have had their first vaccine now and it is certainly providing a sense of positivity around the hospice.

With spring just around the corner, we are also thinking about the gardens at the Mac Unit and how wonderful it will be when those beautiful flowers bloom again. This spring will be particularly poignant as we remember our gardener, Nigel, who sadly passed away last month. We miss him terribly and will look at our gardens this year with Nigel in our minds, and the new growth as a legacy to him and all his wonderful work at the Unit.

The next few weeks and months will undoubtedly bring further challenges with uncertainty over when lockdown will be eased and indeed, what our next ‘normal’ will look like. However, we have plenty to keep you entertained by staying active, getting creative and testing your minds! Our Lace Up challenge is still active (pun intended) throughout the coming months – you can choose to run, walk, cycle or climb, choose your distance and do it whenever you’re ready. Just set up a JustGiving page, commit to your challenge and get fundraising! Another exciting project we are running is the 50/50 Art Project (www.macmillanlocal.org/extended_events/art-competition-and-auction/). We are looking for budding artists, children and adults, to create a piece of work in any media (paint, pencil, photography, digital, the list is endless) which represents ‘what charity means to you.’ The pieces of art will then be auctioned in March to raise funds for the Mac Unit. Details about Lace Up and the 50/50 Art Project are available on our Facebook page and website.

Many of you have also been joining Barry for his infamous quiz nights over the last twelve months and well, frankly, it’s been a blast! From the odd and quite revolting things Barry has eaten in the name of fundraising, his amazing fancy dress and acting skills to Julie’s Law, the conveyor belt and so many moments to create an outtakes video, our Friday quizzes have been quite a hit. Sadly, the next quiz is to be the last. Barry will take to the stage (Facebook Live) for the final time on Friday 19th February for the last MCL Virtual Quiz. Grab a glass of something and log in – you won’t want to miss out!!

As always, your ongoing support means so much to everyone at the Mac Unit. Please keep your messages coming in, your crazy fundraising activities going and most importantly, look after yourselves. Thanks for always being there.

Until next time….


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